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GMP Standard Mobile Cip Station , Carbon Steel Material Clean In Place Equipment

GMP Standard Mobile Cip Station , Carbon Steel Material Clean In Place Equipment

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    mobile cip unit


    clean in place plants

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    SUS304 SUS316 , CS
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    CE / UL / SGS / EAC / CR – TU
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    1 set
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GMP Standard Mobile Cip Station , Carbon Steel Material Clean In Place Equipment

GMP standard JQX series Movable Washing station,movable washer , for solid dosage produciton line




Whats the CIP:

CIP cleaning system, widely used in food, beverage, liquor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology industries.
Including vessel tanks, pipes, pumps, filters, etc., and the whole production line under the premise of doing so without disassembly or opened within a scheduled time, a certain temperature of the cleaning fluid through a closed pipeline within the device surface spray cycles achieve the goal of cleaning. Also known as CIP cleaning cleaning cleaning targeting or targeting. CIP cleaning means do not open or mobile device, which uses high temperature and high concentration of the cleaning liquid, to be a strong effect on the equipments, the food contact surface cleaning methods required.

Whats the device settings:


Main parts

1. Water tank(single layer)

Optional accessories:Spray ball,Breather,liquid level meter



Manually CIP

Valves and pumps require manual operation

2. Acid tank(double layers)

Optional accessories:Spray ball,Breather,liquid level meter

3. Alkali tank(double layers)

Optional accessories:Spray ball,Breather,liquid level meter

Semi-automatic Above the basement of manually type,pneumatic valves.pumps, thermometer, working hours need to manual operation.conductivity meter, level meter is set automatically.
Control system 1. Automatic control electric box
2.Siemens PLC
3.Siemens control template
Other accessories 1.Sanitary valves and pipes Automatic Without human intervention, reducing the possibility of misuse of artificial.
3.Conductivity meter


Whats your advantagements for CIP:

1. High efficiency

2. Diversified selection, simple operation

3. Can be remoted operation,the area is small

4. Meet the GMP standards and food grade requirements

5. Easy to installation, commissioning engineers before factory shipments.

 After the wide absorption of advanced domestic and foreign technology, and taking the specific conditions and requirements of this industry into consideration, our company develops this simple and easy cleaning equipment. The equipment has proper structure, stable and reliable performance, and is easy to operate. Besides, it is a kind of multi-usage machine, which effectively reduces the labor intensity, optimizes production technology, and meets new version of GMP standard for the state drug production.

GMP Standard Mobile Cip Station , Carbon Steel Material Clean In Place Equipment 0


The machine consists of water tank, high-pressure pump, water distributor, Angle seat valve, control system, etc. When working, it will connect cleaning components to the cleaning point interface of corollary equipment, you need to set cleaning procedures according to the technological requirements, after confirm, it can clean the lining surface as set progress. It can also connect external high pressure water spray gun, so that the external surface and other accessories can artificially cleaned in cleaning area.


The pumping station is mainly used in the production of solid dosage for the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used together with wet mixing granulator, fluid bed dryer and granulator, fluidized bed coating machine and other ancillary equipment to realize its cleaning function at site. At the same time, it’s widely used in food, chemical industry, etc